Ways to Improve Your Picnic This Summer

Picnics can be the highlight of your summer!

They're a great way to gather together with friends, family--or even just yourself--in order to enjoy good fun, good company, and great weather.

The following are 5 ways that you can greatly improve your picnic for the upcoming warm weather picnic season.

Pack a bag

Don't try to wing it without a good picnic bag! You'll want to bring a bag that can fit your food and drinks without being too bulky. Options like the Shupatto Compact Bag Red are great when you want something stylish yet still practical. If there will be more than one person going, consider having each person bring something in their own bag.

Don't forget the drinks

Picnics aren't just about food: you'll need drinks, too! The best picnic drinks will be cold and refreshing, like ice-cold lemonade, water, sparkling juice, or even some nice wine or champagne. To keep your drinks cold, use products like the Clima Bottle - Steel 500ml which will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours! If you're bringing beer or bottled drinks, don't forget your Beerdy - Magnetic Bottle Opener!

Opt for picnic-friendly food 

Certain foods are better for picnics than others. Avoid anything excessively messy and opt for items like sandwiches, pasta or potato salads, fruit, and other options that can fit in boxes and containers. If you're looking for something fun, why not slice up some cucumbers using the Cucumbo-Spiral slicer?

If you'll be enjoying a nice cold watermelon, check out this trick: use a Pepo - Forest Watermelon cutter to provide easy to hold, less messy watermelon "popsicles" for kids to eat!

Keep your food cool with ice packs 

To keep your picnic food refreshingly cool, you definitely want to bring some ice packs. Ice packs are an easy, safe way to ensure that your food is kept at the perfect temperature. Normal ice packs will work just fine, but why stick with a boring ice pack when you could opt for something more fun? The Blue Bear Family - Ice Pack or the  Blue Fish - Re-freezable Ice Pack set are both perfect for animal and summer lovers alike.

Bring the right containers for the occasion

Avoid flimsy containers! If you plan on bringing pasta salads and similar picnic foods, make sure you bring sturdy jars; to make it cute, opt for something like the Lucky Mouse - Storage Jar Full Set!  Don't forget to bring smaller containers, like the  Tiny - 4 Small Porcelain Canisters set, for dips and smaller foods.

When it comes to packing your food, a larger size lunchbox like the Take A Break Lunchbox Large is perfect for packing single lunches; or you can bring an all-in-one set complete with an ice pack, like the Good to Go - Lunchbox.

If you’re ready to enjoy the summer and have a picnic with your loved ones, don’t forget the above tips that will make your picnic more fun!

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