Back to School Essentials to Add to Your Shopping List

School is right around the corner and it’s finally time to start making your back to school shopping list!

The following are some great back to school essentials that you won’t want to forget for the first day of school.

A Snazzy Lunchbox 

Lunchtime is the perfect respite from a hard day of schoolwork. Why not eat your lunch in a fun, snazzy lunchbox that will make you (or your kids) proud to pull out a classic PB&J?

The Take A Break Lunchbox Midi is a classic blue lunchbox with a tight seal and a divider for storing multiple types of food. If you're looking for something cuter, the Lunch Set Campus - Animal Friends features a matching lunchbox and thermos with delightful cartoon animals printed all over. If you tend to pack lunches that need to be kept cool and insulated, check out the  Good to Go - Lunch Set Bear which comes with a box, silicone band, insulated cooler bag and nifty polar bear ice pack; if you're more of a fish person, opt for the Good to Go - Lunch Set Fish instead.

Pencil & Supply Holders 

School supplies have to be stored somewhere! If you’re looking for desktop storage, consider the Dinsor - Stationery Container which is shaped like a pencil and adds a touch of whimsy to any workspace. It’s large enough that you can fill it with your favorite pencils, or even markers and items like the Landscape - stencil & ruler. If you need a holder for smaller items like paperclips, you may want to “hop” over to the Desk Bunny - Scissors & Paper Clips Holder which combines function and style with “bunny” shaped scissors and a carrot that holds green paperclips. 

Bookshelf Accessories

Books, books--and more books! Back to school means plenty of new books to adorn the bookshelf, so you’ll want to get some new bookshelf accessories to help ensure everything stays nice and organized. The Book Iceberg - Bookend and Bookmark set features an iceberg shaped bookend and animal figurine bookmarks that can double as iceberg accessories or be used to keep your place in books. Don’t forget to reorganize your books to keep everything as neat and tidy as possible! In addition to a nice bookend, consider purchasing a few ornamental items that you can use to space out your books and prevent over-stuffing the shelf with too many books.

Hanging Organizers

Space is often at a premium, especially when everyone heads back to school and there’s suddenly tons of supplies and other items that need to be kept organized. The Unforgettable Doorganizer is perfectly compact and designed to be hung over the doorknob, where it will stay exactly where you need it as you fill it with those things you don’t want to forget on your way out the door: your phone charger, your keys, your school ID, and so on.

Make sure to add the above items to your back to school list today!

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