5 ways to Spring-ify Your Home

Spring is in the air!

If you’re like many people, then you’ll want to leave the bitter cold of winter behind and instead embrace the warmth and renewal of spring.

If you want to bring a little spring inside your home, consider these 5 ways you can make your home more seasonal this year.

Add plants and flowers to your home to bring spring inside

Adding real plants and flowers inside your home is the perfect way to bring a little of Mother Nature inside! You can either buy fully grown plants and flowers or grow your own; to start some seeds, try out something like the Seed Guard - Seed Growing Device that lets you grow them in a bowl of water. To avoid messy spills, you should get a nifty watering funnel such as the Leaflow - Pot Watering Funnel which will make watering your plants easier than ever before. And if you're in the mood to grow some herbs, grab a pair of Leafers - Herb snips so you can have fresh herbs in the kitchen with a simple snip-snap of some scissors. 

Buy creative decor with a floral touch

Who doesn’t love creative décor! Your home will look perfectly spring-like when you add some creative décor. Try wrapping faux florals around your kitchen chairs for a rustic look, or add some vibrant Tropical Magnets to your fridge to give your kitchen a quirky makeover. If you’re looking for something more homey, look for a floral rug that you can spread out in your living room or a nice floral blanket to set in your reading nook. You’ll love cozying up with a flower-laden blanket while sipping tea made with a Tulip - Tea Infuser!

Swap up standard kitchen accessories for ones inspired by nature

Standard kitchen appliances can be so boring, so why not switch them up with some spring favorites? If you love to cook, you'll definitely want to keep your spices in the Sprout Jar - Container and Spoon (or if you’d rather not favor one season, look for an all-season décor like the Four Seasons - Seasoning Shaker Set!). Opt for spoons and stirrers with floral patterns or handles; and if you're into pasta and soups, use the Flower Power - Steam Releaser to keep your pots from boiling over. Don’t forget the dining room! Swap out boring old cloth napkins for napkins with a floral print or, if you’d rather keep your standard set, add some Bloom Napkin Holders - Set of 4 for a nice flower touch. 

Use lighter colors and keep curtains open to let the light in

Finally, don’t forget to let the spring sunshine in! Switch up any dark colors in your home for light shades, such as light greens, pinks, blues, yellows and oranges; and make sure to keep your curtains open so that all that beautiful spring sunshine comes pouring in.

When spring is near, don’t forget the above ways to make your home more spring-like!

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