5 Ways to Show your Love for Superheroes Through Home Décor

With countless comic books, movies, TV shows and nearly endless collectibles all available for anyone who loves to indulge in watching “supers” save the day. If you want to show your love for super heroes through your home décor, take a look at 5 ways you can highlight your interest in super heroes simply by changing up the look of your 


Add Some “Super” Style to Your Bookshelf

Whether your bookshelf is lined with comic books, Greek literature or a few books and a dozen action figures, one thing is for sure: it makes for a perfect chance to add some super hero style to your décor. In addition to showcasing a few figures or other hero collectibles on your bookshelf, you can add more super style to your shelf with items like a unique Superhero Bookend or Supergirl Bookend, which makes it look as if your books are being propped up by a caped crusader of justice.

Install a Hero-Inspired Shelf for Keys or Décor

If you want a shelf that stands--or rather, floats!--out from the rest of the pack, opt for something like the Supershelf - Floating Bookshelf or the Wondershelf - Floating Bookshelf. This floating bookshelf looks as if your books are being propped up by a superhero with the strength of 100 people!  If you’d rather have a shelf for smaller items like keys, small décor, or sunglasses, look for the Heroshelf - Superhero Shelf instead. This shelf makes the hero—or rather, his cape—the shelf for a truly unique look.

Make Your Kitchen Heroic With Super-Inspired Utensils

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your home, so why shouldn’t you add some superhero flair to your kitchen space? You can add some real heroic style to your kitchen by opting to switch out regular boring utensils for super-inspired utensils like the Pan Man – Spatula, whose cape is designed to look like an extra-long spatula. You’ll be flipping eggs, pancakes, and bacon with the strength of a super hero in no time!

Add Framed Super Hero Décor for an Upscale Touch

If you want to add superhero style that’s a bit more on the upscale side, consider framing comic book panels, comic book covers, or your favorite illustrations of super heroes.

Don’t Forget the Odds and Ends

When it comes to adding more super hero style to your home, you don’t want to forget about the odds and ends. If you want to feel heroic even when you’re just walking your dog, why not check out the Mighty Dog - Dog Waste Bag Dispenser? You’ll be scooping poop like a hero in no time!

it comes to adding more super hero décor to your life, don’t forget the above ideas.

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