3 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Music into Your Home Décor

Do you love music? Do you wish you could incorporate your love of music into your home décor?

If so, you are most definitely not alone! Plenty of music lovers want to showcase their love for music—whether its bands, instruments, or a little bit of both—throughout their home.

Thankfully, many companies have latched onto the popularity of music décor, so there’s plenty of ways that you can truly spruce up your home with some music related furniture, décor and other accents. The following are 3 ways that you can start to incorporate your passion and love for music into your home décor.

Get a Statement Piece for Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most often used rooms in your home, so it's the perfect place for a statement piece. Large music-related photo frames, a sturdy record player, or even something distinct like this The Greatest Hits - Vinyl Record Coffee Table can really work well as a true statement piece in a living space. Complete the living room look with more touches, such as Retro Vinyl Coasters that will have you reaching for a mini record player to set them on.

Add Little Accents

If you aren't up for a major statement piece or you simply want to go even further with incorporating music into your decor, you can definitely opt for some accents! Accents come in all shapes and sizes, from pure décor to practical touches and a combination of both. Something elegant yet charming like these Musiclips - Multi-purpose pegs can be used anywhere from your kid's nursery to your laundry room and everything in between. Accents that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing make for a great accent but don’t be afraid to pick something solely because it looks great. For instance, a small music note figurine or a nifty coin-collector like the Spare Some Change - Saxophonist and Spare Some Change - Guitarist can be just as striking as any large piece of furniture.

Take it to the Kitchen

Next to the living room, the kitchen is the second most used space in your home, which naturally makes it a great choice for adding décor. If you want to integrate your love of music into the kitchen, it’s as easy as picking up kitchen décor or even nifty practical items like this Retro Vinyl Silicone Trivet that will protect your kitchen counter from water rings, heat damage and more. You can also opt for other kitchen touches, such as oven mitts with music note prints, a steam releaser with a music-related theme, or even some retro curtains with musical notes or band players patterned on the fabric.

If you are a true music lover, you definitely won’t want to pass up the chance to have your home reflect your passion and hobby. Keep the above tips in mind when you are looking for ways to change up your home’s look to better reflect the music that you love!

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