Sweet Nessie - The New Member of the Nessie Family

We’re happy to announce that the Nessie family has grown bigger with a new member. The brand new stainless steel Sweet Nessie sugar spoon is the latest addition. The cute Loch-Ness monster inspired kitchen and home utensils is one of our clients’ most favorite collection. Who thought monsters can actually be cute and fun, right? And useful in the kitchen too? 

The Sweet Nessie is beautifully designed using the best quality stainless steel, that is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Its smooth shape and the cute Nessie eye, make it a cute replica of the underwater sea creature that has been fascinating people for decades. Sweet Nessie is now here to sweeten up your coffee or tea, and everything in between. Bitter is no fun, and we all need some sweet in our life. And this is exactly what Sweet Nessie is here to do.

If you already have some items from the Nessie collection, such as the Baby Nessie tea infuser, or Nessie Tale bookmark, Sweet Nessie is the only thing that keeps you away from a sweet brew and a good read. Sweetening things up can make reading even more pleasurable, especially if we are talking compulsory school curricula.

Adding the Sweet Nessie sugar spoon to the Nessie Family will complete the pack of Nessie inspired utensils for the fans. The sugar spoon can make a great gift for someone in your life who is too bitter for your mojo. Or someone who loves Nessie. Or both (they must be something special!).

The Sweet Nessie sugar spoon is a good addition in anyone’s life who wants to take the bitter with the sweet. No more bitter coffee or tea, literally. So yes, everybody needs a Sweet Nessie in their life, just in case things turn sour. Check it out here.
You can get it now also with The Complete Nessie Collection