Here at Animi Causa Boutique, we always have new items coming in for sale.  With the popularity of our unique gifts, we have to keep up!  Our new items are proving to be a hit and the fact that they just keep getting more and more unique, intrigues people and has them coming back for more!  Some of the new additions to our store include unique notebooks, Bottle Silhouette Vase, Pantone coasters, Shupatto bags, Lexon Mino X Speakers and much more.  What is great about our products, that customers seem to enjoy, is the fact that while our gift ideas are anything but ordinary, they are not harmful to the earth (green design section).  Many people are trying to make a more conscious effort to indulge in things that are good for the environment and that is exactly what you get here!  Look through all of our specialty products and purchase your modern design gifts today!