How to Make Your Bathroom Chic and Comfortable

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms of the home, but it's often overlooked from a design standpoint.

This leads to bathrooms that look plain, boring, or at best as they stepped out of a hotel catalog. If you want your bathroom to be more elegant, chicer, or even more comfortable and personable, then you should consider the following guide that will help you transform your bathroom.

Use sleek shapes and containers to make your bathroom more elegant


If you want your bathroom to look more upscale and elegant, the first step is to eliminate unsightly packaging from ordinary bottles and other products. The best way to do this is to stick to sleek-looking containers for soaps, cotton swabs, and other items. For instance, get a modern style Touch Soap Pump and dispense all of your store-bought soap into the new dispenser. Or add a sleek Touch Soap Dish to store your soap on something simple yet elegant. If you keep cotton swabs in the bathroom, opt for a Lotus Cotton Bud Holder for something chic yet cute to hold your bundles of swabs. Remember, try to use chic and elegant containers whenever possible; the less packaging clutter you have in the bathroom, the better it will look.

Consider animal-shaped gadgets for a kid-friendly or simply fun bathroom

If you want your bathroom to be more kid-friendly, you can consider adding animal-shaped gadgets and tools that will make your bathroom more family-friendly. Or you can add them to your bathroom even if you don't have children in the family--they are a perfect way to make your bathroom more fun, no matter your age! Some animal-based options include the Jumbo Jr. - Faucet Fountain, consider the matching grey Jumbo Cutlery Drainer (for your kitchen, too!), and the Sheepshape Container Cotton Balls & Cotton Buds Holder. Items like this will make the bathroom more engaging and fun for kids.

For some non-animal playful options, consider items like the Ladies & Gentlemen Magnetic Door Sign which you can customize into different shapes and poses, or the fun Sisyphus - Toilet Paper Shelf which will hold your toilet paper up while providing a lesson in Greek mythology.

Add retro items for a chic vintage touch 

If you want a vintage vibe in your bathroom, you will want to consider adding fun retro-themed items that will give your bathroom a true rockabilly touch. The Cherry Lavatory Brush hides a toilet brush in a vibrant red cherry--perfect to use as a pop of color in a retro black/white bathroom; while the vintage-inspired Cotton Ear Joe Cotton Buds Holder will hide your cotton buds in a vintage-looking box. If you shave, then the black and white Mr. Razor Razor Holder will add a funky, vintage look to your bathroom walls all while keeping your razor in one spot.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles, colors, and patterns! Your bathroom can be as unique as you make it.

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