Halloween Gift Ideas You Won't Want to Miss

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that Halloween lover in your life?


Maybe it’s their birthday this month or maybe you just want to give them something to celebrate the spooky season. Whatever the reason for your Halloween gift-giving, you should definitely check out these Halloween gift ideas that you won’t want to miss.

For Cooks, Bakers, and Everything in Between

If you want a gift that will appeal to a true "kitchen witch," then you should definitely consider something Halloween-y that will turn their kitchen into creepy central. If they love noodles, check out the Pasta Monsters - Pasta Servers that will add some quirky fun to any pasta bowl. Or they might enjoy the spine-tingling Bone Appétit - Cooking Spoon which will make even the simplest stew or rice dish on the stove terrifying.

If they might love something on the ironic side, they will definitely appreciate something like the Gracula Garlic Crusher; this will help them crush delicious garlic with ease, even if it's not recommended for vampires.

When you want your gift to be on the classier side, consider something like the Vino - Corkscrew and Bottle Opener, an elegant yet quirky bottle opener that will have them feeling "batty" over their latest bottle of wine.

For Book Lovers Who Love a Good Scare

Who doesn't love a good spooky book? Thankfully, there are many great gifts ideal for book lovers who love Halloween fun. The Cutting Edge Bookend will add an intense "slasher" vibe to any shelf while keeping books steady and upright.

Or if they might want something even more unusual, you should consider the Runaway Bookend that is designed to look as if two people (main characters in the latest horror film, perhaps) are running away from falling books.

Of course, it's not just the shelf but the inside of the book that counts. A Curious Cat Bookmark will appeal to anyone who loves a witchy cat vibe while helping them keep their place in their favorite October book.

If you want to make these special gifts even more fun, consider pairing them up with an actual creepy book!

Odds and Ends

Any Halloween lover will tell you that spooky decorations belong in every room of the home! If your giftee doesn’t mind odds and ends, consider more unusual decor such as the Brain Drain Sponge Holder, a skull-shaped sponge holder with a pink sponge that’s intended to mimic a brain.

Or if they’re more into the “fantasy” side of Halloween, why not opt for the Merlin - A Diagonal Shelf for Toilet Paper Rolls instead? This unique shelf recreates a very famous fantasy sequence in which a wizard tells something--in this case, a stack of toilet paper rolls--that they will not pass. Let’s hope the wizard in this case has an easier time with the toilet paper than the dragon from the film.

If you’re looking for a great Halloween gift, don’t pass up the above items!

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