Waiter! A Kitchen Towel Please

There are a lot of things an annoyed person can do to a scattered kitchen towel. He would rather leave it in a corner if it will not be needed for some chore, but mostly he would use the cabinet under the sink to stash away the used damp towel. Although someone more diligent would either hang it on the handle of the oven door or hook it on the refrigerator handle, the really kitchen wise one would use a kitchen towel hanger to keep everything in its rightful place.

Why Should I Buy a Kitchen Towel Hanger?
The purpose of a kitchen towel hanger is to provide an easy to access place for kitchen towels. This type of kitchen accessory spreads a damp towel after use to allow the cool air to pass through it, making it easier and faster to dry the towel. Being an organized kitchen dweller has its advantages, because placing the towels in a hanger prevents molds from growing in its damp surface. Damp towels can compromise your kitchen especially if they’ll be ignored and left stagnant; and we all know that the kitchen is a place where food is prepared that’s why it is important to keep it clean at all times and using towel hangers is only one of the many ways to keep the area tidy and well-organized.

What Comes With the Kitchen Towel Hanger Package?
Gift ideas can range from bizarrely fascinating to uniquely interesting, and this one lands on the unique category. This type of hanger is shaped like a waiter holding a wine bottle on his right hand and the left one positioned in place for the towel. Attaching this waiter shaped kitchen towel hanger won’t be a problem either, because upon purchase of the product two screws are already included which are disguised as the buttons of the waiter’s coat.

Its laser cut 3 mm thick and made of metal so it will not easily slice through your fingers.  It’s available in black and even painted in an oven so it will not rust easily due to the dampness of the towels, the black paint also gives it its slick sophisticated finish.

Indeed, gifts don’t have to be expensive to showcase your care, appreciation or love for a person. Even kitchen accessories that showcase unique design and functionality such as the kitchen towel hanger can be a perfect get together present for someone who loves the culinary arts.

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