Video Notebook: Recording Memories the Retro Way

VHS tapes and manual note-taking are considered old-school that they’re now actually cool. Mixed together, and you get a creatively retro Video Notebook.

The item is an actual notebook, with 260 pages of ruled or plain, smooth paper. It is sized at H19 x W11 x D2.5 centimeters – the exact size of a VHS tape, which is actually what’s shown in the notebook’s cover. In fact, when the notebook is closed, it really looks like an actual, real-life VHS tape, until it opens and the creamy, matte pages are revealed.

The lined edition is one of the best gift ideas for your writer and wanna-be writer friends who will want to

start journal writing over again, offline this time, when they see this unique item. 
Even non-literary loved ones will appreciate how this notebook is just perfect for jotting down recipes, travelogues, and other information to be worth recording.

Meanwhile, the Video Notebook with plain sheets is a cute present to your artist friends, for whom there will never be enough leaves of paper to doodle on. Try giving this notebook to your children or to you Millennial colleagues, and see how big the novelty a Video Notebook can be. Better yet, give one to a Gen-Xer, and see how it can bring forth many cinematic memories.

A notebook is a handy companion that everyone can find useful and easy to use. Every time an important idea, a fleeting concept, or a reminder comes to mind, all you have to do is whip out your notebook and write it down. Compare this to using a laptop or computer that you still have to turn on and allow to load before information-recording can begin.

Electronic devices also offer many distractions that before you are able to fully look into a concept, you have the risk of losing it as you surf the internet, watch a video or listen to music. 
Meanwhile, when you write your concepts and notes in your Video Notebook, you have no choice but to focus on revealing your thoughts, fleshing it out until all that’s essential is recorded without threats of being deleted by a virus.


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