Unique Gifts for Her – Pegs Memo

I was trying to find the perfect girlfriend gifts for my girlfriend but I first found it hard to figure out what to get her. Then I tried opting for something simple yet purposeful. While girls positively love gifts which play on their soft and sweet side like cuddly stuffed animals and cute accessories, these tend to get very overdone and clichéd after a while, and if I was going to give her yet another cuddly animal for the nth time, the sentiment of the giving may still be there, but the excitement is lost due to predictability. Gifts for her should be dynamic, and girls really don’t mind the occasional blurb when it comes to gift-giving.

My girlfriend is a stickler for organization because of all the work she does for school and work, so I thought a perfect girlfriend gift would be something which would allow her to be reminded of things she might forget, or of things that matter more than her paycheck and hectic schedule. Giving her well chosen daily planner is nice, but these things tend to get lost or forgotten inside a bag or the glove compartment.

Something which is unique, preferably very conspicuous, yet also whimsical is a perfect girlfriend gift. I found these qualities in Pegs Memo. Pegs Memo is a unique take on an old-fashioned habit done by photographers to hang drying photos on a clothesline with the use of wooden pegs. This modern version of that old wont evokes that nostalgic feeling of bohemianism and good old-fashioned purpose which people used to imbue all items with.

As gifts for her, the makers of Pegs Memo have altered much of the original items used for the original wooden-peg-on-clothesline memo. Their take is a still nostalgic and comely magnetic version of the old one, consisting of a metal plate painted with a deceptively realistic clothesline and a pair of birds. Nice red pegs made in the style of old wooden ones are used to post reminders, hang keys, or just about anything on the magnetized board. With double-sided tape and screws along with the package, Pegs Memo can immediately be mounted anywhere.

This wonderfully unique yet nostalgic take on girlfriend gifts will positively charm your ladylove and show not only your thoughtfulness, but your concern and understanding over their need for organization and efficiency. Amid other reminders, be sure to stick and ‘I love you’ message every now and then to brighten up their day and make Pegs Memo a worthy choice for girlfriend gifts indeed!

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