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Feed the wanderlust in you whether you’re jet setting to another destination or mapping out your next trip from your own room! Cute travel trinkets will get your feet itchy to fly and ride, taste and explore new places and culture.

Take photos on your vacation or just keep the camera at your bedside. This beautiful battery-powered camera light will remind you to keep memoirs of your escapades before going to bed. When you rise, make sure to visit your Scratch Map Platinum or the Stamp Map to begin plotting your next trips with notes and doodles.


Once everything is all set and all you have to do now is pack and leave, don’t forget to bring the Clippa Mini tools clip - a small item that will save you the stress from finding a screwdriver, cutter and ruler. Just clip on your away at your hair or hide in your pouch and it will come to the rescue when the inconvenience strikes.

Remember that time when your luggage had a similar one with another passenger and mistakenly took it? Save yourself the embarrassment of getting luggage that’s not yours by putting your own mark to it. How? Just attach this Tag Me luggage tag with a cute airplane figure then write down your info into the tag. The watch-type Time Flies luggage tag is also fancy -- you just have to wrap around the luggage and your set to go.

Wait! You forgot your passport! Keep your passport in this beautiful Novel Passport Cover that disguises your passport as a book. It’ll surely intrigue the staff at the airport counters! Get one for yourself (Romance), your husband (Mystery) and for the kids.

Traveling is fun, more so when you see things that often reminds you to try and explore a new place soon. 
Now, are you ready to jet off?

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