Time to Play Magician with the Bunny Popsicles

Play abracadabra with your little one with the magic bunny popsicles. The Bunny Popsicles  are molds, but with a unique twist. The Bunny Popsicles is best for jellies and a host of other delicious treats that need molding. If you want your kid to enjoy such treats even more and if you want to have a fun time with your kid, the Bunny Popsicles may just be what you need!

The Bunny Popsicles are made with safe materials and they won’t add any odor to your popsicles. It is with inventions such as these that would bring your child to have more kitchen time with you. Just make the juice, pour it into the mold and let your kid put it into the freezer. After about 30 minutes to an hour, take it out and pull out the bunny’s ears and voila! There’s the hidden bunny!

The Bunny Popsicles come in pairs so making two popsicle bunnies at once is no big deal. Plus, they’re just $16.99 with free shipping worldwide. So, who says popsicles should only be squares or rectangles? They can be cool and cute bunnies  too with the Bunny Popsicles!

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