Spaghetti Tower

If you always have leftover pasta and you find it hard to measure these leftovers for your next ideal meal, the Spaghetti Tower is what you need. Not only can it store your leftover pasta. It can also measure the ideal amount to add to your meal.

The good thing about this product is that it is not only useful, it also has a unique design—which you surely want to display in your kitchen. You can open the container’s cap in four different ways. Each type of opening allows just enough number of pasta to be dispensed. The ranges vary from one to four. The fourth option dispenses the most number of pastas.

Using this container, you can easily pour the ideal proportion of spaghetti to your cooking bowl. You do not have to worry about the ideal proportions since the container makes measurement very convenient and accurate at the same time. The Spaghetti Tower is also dishwasher safe so it is very easy to clean.

This can also be a perfect gift for your friends who love spaghetti or cooking, in general. The design is fun to add more character to your kitchen. You get storage, organization, measurement, convenience, and design all in this single product.

You can have your very own spaghetti tower.

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