Sardine Paper Clips: Faster and Smarter Organizing

Paperwork can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re dealing with documents that are not filed or categorized appropriately. I know because I learned it the hard way as I went from office temp job to another. That is, until an officemate gave me one of the cutest birthday gifts ever. With Sardine Paper clips, I’ll be sure that I won’t drown in a sea of papers, no matter how deep the pile may be.

Organizing is such an essential task that will be done more effectively through the use of various office supplies. Binders, drawers, accordion folders, staples and fasteners can all help in categorizing and filing documents to ensure each piece of paper achieves its purpose and serves the organization well. Throughout my many projects, I organize papers based on deadlines/immediacy, depending on purpose and function, or by subject matter. I tried to achieve more productivity by implementing the one-touch only strategy, wherein every paper must be touched only once, and must be dealt with immediately. It’s an effective way of reducing the work pile systematically even as more document tasks add on as every day goes by.

And just when I thought I had all the answers to effective organizing, along came this cute gift, encased in a pretty tin can. The label says sardines, but when you look inside you will see not actual fish, but 30 fish-shaped paper clips in blue, green, and other colors of the sea. These sardine paper clips provide a reliable grip on each set of papers grouped together, as if they were biting the bait. These little items are so cute that I find myself having fun while arranging paperwork, helping me work faster and smarter.  Yes, cute can be functional, and I have a little tin can in my desk to prove it.

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