Pen Tower : An Ultimate Desk Space Saver

Pen Tower is oftentimes an overlooked piece of equipment in an office environment. At first glance you will spot it as an ordinary pen holder that every office worker has. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice that there is something special in it. Its space saving capacity allows any limited desk space to store other important things like documents, to-do list, and receipts. Thus, this desk office organizer not only helps you sort out your desk tools, but also lets you work undisturbed as well.

Pen Tower is definitely the smartest solution to every messy desk. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is having table organizing problems. I learned that a chaotic table not only hampers you from completing your daily tasks swiftly but will also profoundly affect the way you interact with work itself. As you go along with that, your efficiency and productivity will degenerate and decrease. It all starts from not being able to properly arrange things in a limited desk space. From there, one thing will lead to another. So if this is your case, better fix things as immediate as possible.

Designed to look like three overlapping inverted pyramids, this stand is available in sturdy plastic, charcoal and white. Its size is H7.2 x W7.2 x D34cm, suitable for small, medium to large sized table. Added to that, it comes with three compartments allowing maximum storage for your stationary items and writing utensils. It also provides you room for important notes. You can stick reminders at the tip of the tower; its smart framework lets you access your most important notes in a snap. For only $ 19.90, you will save a lot of room on your office table.

The most unnoticed things in life are frequently the most helpful. Help yourself by getting a Pen Tower and let things roll smoothly in your work space. This item can also be one of the most unique and helpful office gifts you can give to your colleagues, friends and loved ones!

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