Pegzini Family: Bringing More Fun Into Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Activities

The laundry pegs that I’ve gotten – the Pegzini Family, which is a set of highwire laundry clothespins – have just made my laundry and dry cleaning activities a lot more fun. I mean who wouldn’t have fun with all these cute laundry pegs that are all gravity-defying and laundry drying.

The Pegzini Family set of laundry pegs features a circus family that performs highwire tricks and acrobats. There are five in the family or in each set, each of them performing their own tricks. Instead of the dull, plain, and boring pegs that I used to hang my clothes, I have these pegs that make dry cleaning and hanging my laundry a bit more fun and entertaining.

Another remarkable thing about these pegs is that they are not only used for hanging clothes; they can also be used to hang photos in the dark room, notes, and everything else that need to be hung.

If you are looking for unique gifts to give your friends this Christmas or for any other occasion, the Pegzini Family set of laundry pegs is definitely it.

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