Pasta Perfect - Cute Noodle Gadgets for the Kitchen

Transform the look of your living room by switching out the carpet, re-arranging the furniture or swapping out the artwork. take numerous forms, not just the edible noodles you make for dinner. If you’re quite the pasta lover, it’s time to add a constant Italian touch to your kitchen and make cooking pasta a more wonderful affair. 

Be creative with your spaghetti storage and accurate in portioning with the Spaghetti tower. It securely holds pasta, allows you to determine the right amount of pasta. Also, don’t forget that you’ll be needing some garlic when you cook. Take the pains of peeling garlic manually and do it instantly with the Penneli garlic peeler. It’s creative and functional all at once.

And so while you’re boiling pasta, strain the water out with the beautiful  Plankton pot strainer. It is made of quality plastic that it’s not only resistant to boiling water, but also dishwasher safe.

Do you keep forgetting where you put your spoon when cooking? Lay it over the Ravioli spoon rest and you should spot your spoon easily. It prevents mess on your cooking area too! You’d also want to keep random things from cluttering your kitchen so tie them up with the Mafaldine elastic bands.

Cooking can burn your hands, so make sure to use this durable silicon-made Farfalloni pot grips. Small and heat resistant, these are awesome pot grips that stabilizes your pot as you cook. When done, scoop out your pasta with the Papa Nessie pasta spoon or Spaghetti pasta serving tool in style and effortlessly.

So whether you’re whipping up a plate of spaghetti for yourself or cooking something else for the family, you can never go wrong with these pasta-inspired little items.

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