Lasso Bottle Holder: Your Unique Home Accessory

I always want to keep a few wine bottles in my mini-bar and kitchen counter not only because I  am a wine lover myself but also because they are nice decorations. Most especially if stored in stylish wine holders, wine bottles can make your kitchen look cool and stylish as well.  There are many wine bottle holders available on the market today, but what captured my attention is the Lasso bottle holder.

At first glance, this bottle holder looks as if it is not strong enough to hold a full wine bottle but it is actually secure. In fact, it looks like just a simple rope that holds the bottle. The secret behind this unique concept actually lies in the strength of the material used inside the role. There’s a metal bar inside the rope that makes it strong enough to accommodate a full wine bottle.  This item looks indeed looks so unique it also grabs the attention of each of my guests every time I hold a party at home.

To me, the way the rope is “tied” on the bottle’s neck looks sexy as well. In a way, it reminds me of how I hold the bottle myself whenever I pour drinks for my guests. I would usually wrap my right hand on the bottle’s neck, tipping it slightly forward to refill a glass. With the Lasso, the bottle is dipped in one end, creating an illusion that it is being held by someone pouring a drink.

It’s definitely a charmer that is great to share with wine lovers like me.  The best thing about this item is that it can be served as a gift during any occasion, whether wedding, birthday, graduation, or father’s day. It can also make a great modern design gift for anyone. Whether you are giving it to your sister, boss, father, or officemate, you can be sure that it won’t be ignored.

Not only for wine lovers, this item also makes one of the best gift ideas for creative home designer. With its unique design and functionality, any creative home designer would surely find the lasso bottler holder a heaven-sent. It can make a great decorative item at home that anyone would surely notice.

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