Kitchen Accessories that Combine Form and Function

I am crazy for coasters. It’s a bit of a surprise really, especially for those who know that I’m very far from being a domestic diva. But I don’t really use or buy these kitchen accessories for their original purpose. After all, I was pretty sure that my industrial-themed, DIY furniture can withstand glass rings resulting from the moisture of hot or cold drinks. Or so I thought. Basically, I bought my first set of coasters just because they look so pretty. I’ve lost count of the succeeding buys after that first time.

If you look around my kitchen, you’ll find that it is filled with items that some might consider old-fashioned. A stainless steel espresso kettle, a mortar and pestle, vintage teacups, and a pair of country style cake tins may be old school for many people. But for me, these are kitchen accessories that are worth keeping because they’re equal parts useful and lovely. This quality of form and function is mostly true with the coasters I tend to pick. It’s interesting that they are just one of the very few items in the kitchen that is essential to have around the house, but looks purely whimsical. 

The latest coaster find is my current favorite because the idea is totally unexpected. Inspired by wooden palettes you usually see for shipping, storage and stacking, the palette coasters are miniature versions of the real thing. Each set of five is made out of real wood, designed according to the original structure. At the size of 12 x 8 x 1.8 cm, it is scaled down to 1/10 of the standard size of a euro palette. There are even the distinctive stamps that perfectly mimic the industrial models – too cute! 

When I invite friends over for dinner or drinks, the elegant wine glasses that are set atop the wooden coasters provide a really interesting counterpoint. The ingeniousness of the design is always a starter for lively conversations in every get-together. 
Now I can attest that not only a painting or a piece of sculpture can be conversation pieces. Even lowly kitchen accessories provide flair and a creative quirkiness to a house, too.

Now before you think that its all appearances for me, let me tell you that I have also realized through these wooden palette coasters that indeed, coasters are essential for taking care of tables and other furniture. These items are so durable and so 
effective in keeping moisture off every surface, that I can say that this set truly is one of the kitchen accessories that I love both for its beauty and utility. 

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