Keeping Letters in Place with the Inbox

A paperless society is far from reality and you are constantly reminded of this whenever you receive letters in the mail. Most of these are promotional campaigns while others are really important like bills and insurance paperwork. So to keep all the latest mails in one place, put them in your Inbox. No, that does not mean your email Inbox but a cool letter holder that is shaped like an envelope (like the Gmail’s logo). It is made of powder coated metal so you can rely on its ability to hold multiple letters at once. It’s basically just the skeleton of an envelope with nothing in between. You’d know you’re positioning it right because the front and back closely resemble a real envelope.

Aside from letters, you can also use the Inbox to store your notes and use it to hold a letter that you want the rest of the household to read.  
With its gray frames that go with any interior décor, the Inbox can also be a perfect living room, kitchen or bedroom accessory.

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