Introducing the Doorganizer

What Everyone’s Favorite Doorganizer Does? The Doorganizer is a perfect hanging reminder for your doorknob. With it, you can organize all your basic often-forgotten essentials and hang it in one simple place. This attractive organizer is ideal for storing keys, cellular phones, eyeglasses, and even your favorite handheld devices and music players. If you want, you can even fit in envelopes and newspapers into the strip located at the back for an easy accessibility anytime.

In this fast-paced world, we all need something to help us remember those small but very important things as we head out the door. The Doorganizer is it; every time we go outside, we will always remember them since they are hanging comfortably 
in the front door from within all the time. It will always be the first thing that we will see before opening the door. No more reason to forget anything, do we?

Made of Strong Materials

Made of a stitched and somewhat heavy canvas-like fabric material, this sturdy wonder is measured at 13 x 31 centimeters in size, perfect enough for holding almost any small valuable thing. There are three distinct and well-placed open pockets complete with a clip facing the front of the organizer. Here you can place almost anything in particular, especially your pens, eyeglasses and your favorite handheld gadgets. Such items can perfectly stick out from the pocket, making them easily identifiable in a distance. No more guessing where your things are. An open loop strip placed on the back of the organizer makes it possible for you to slip in small envelopes for easy access, and even newspapers so you will have no more excuse of not having to read them because you carelessly placed them around your house.


Not Just Your Simple Door hanger

Since your Doorganizer organizes your important items for you, then there is no reason you cannot carry this doorknob pouch with you anywhere you please. This small but attractive-looking pouch is available in red, camel and black colors to suit your mood.

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