Fun in the Kitchen with Jumpin Jacks

I used to rarely if ever use the kitchen for anything. With fast food and take-out counters and diners all about, I was swayed to simply ditch the knife and stove and just buy food to eat on the go. But I was always pining for the good old fashioned days when food was prepared on a stove and the aroma of cooking filled our house with its uplifting scent, enveloping my family with a feeling of home. I just was busy most of the time to cook anything good.

The debate of whether one is a good cook or a not so good cook rarely if ever is mentioned when one is making one of the easiest and really quintessential foods which even fourth graders can make---the salad. Requiring the bare necessities in kitchen accessories, a good fresh salad is light on the pocket and light on your weight. This healthy appetizer or (if preferred) dessert is easy to prepare and very delicious. The only kitchen accessories anyone needs when preparing a salad is a salad bowl (or any large, deep bottomed bowl for that matter), tongs and a pair of salad servers. 
Animi Causa brings you a modern twist on the traditional wooden salad toss with the whimsical yet utilitarian Jumpin Jacks kitchen accessories.

I was convinced to go back to the joys of the kitchen especially to making salads when I found Jumpin Jacks salad servers. These salad servers were made to resemble two cute legs wearing bell-bottomed pants. As tableware they never fail to bring a smile to my face as well as my kids. This unique salad server is constructed in pairs, the head of which (resembling a spoon head) can fit its twin to enable it to stand on its feet. As a piece of tableware, Jumpin Jacks are reminiscent of anthropomorphic items seen in children’s cartoons and are sure to appeal to both child and adult alike.

Made with durable plastic and available in different colors ranging from the vibrant green, to the modernistic black, and even white, Jumpin Jacks are versatile tableware accessories which can be used daily. Its unique design allows it to simply be placed on the table and left as a conversation piece to serve its purpose later on. 
Whether for special occasions or just for everyday use, these modern, creative and whimsical kitchen accessories will make anyone want to be in their kitchens more. Kids will love it too, making food preparation more than just a chore, but a family experience!

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