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DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer
DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer - Gray
The simple design of DrawerStore™ Cutlery Organiser is a revolutionary way to store your cutlery. Each compartment has a handy cutlery icon to help you remember what cutlery to store where and has plenty of space to insert your cutlery either handle first or...
  • Gray
Egguins Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder Egguins Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder
Egguins Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder - Black
Boil, serve and store eggs in the coolest way! This small colony of penguins will hold up to 6 eggs together in the Arctic winter of your fridge or in the hot springs of your pot. The handle will always stay cool for pulling...
  • Black
Dimple Ice-cream Scoop Dimple Ice-cream Scoop
Dimple Ice-cream Scoop - Green White Scoop
This clever ice-cream scoop has an integrated collar and can be stood upright to avoid any drips between scoops. - Stands upright between scoops - Integrated drip-catching collar - Tough zinc alloy head cuts through hard ice-cream and sorbet with ease - Textured surface...
  • Green White Scoop
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Animi Causa Blog

Door Eye Sticker: It’s More Than Just a Sticker

at my front door. While not really my intention to show it off to my neighbors and visitors, I was surprised to learn that every single person who knocks at my door seems to have appreciated that funky, little cute sticker. They said that they can’t help but smile every time they’re at my door, and that the sticker really showed off that funky and witty side of me, and my sense of humor as well.
The best part though is that they really thought I had covered with that sticker the little peephole I had in my front door. I wanted to keep it a secret, but I was too glad to have purchased the sticker that I admitted right away that I had placed it in position by the peephole, basically concealing the spy hole of my front door.

I used this door eye sticker to doll up my plain and boring front door, only to realize later that I have gotten more. The door eye sticker is a smart way to greet my visitors and conceal my front door’s peephole. That way I won’t have to worry about someone stealing the peephole right off my door.

dog sticker

dog sticker on the door

cat sticker

owl sticker

big brother sticker

babushka sticker

My friends want to have one as well. And now that I’m kind of prepping up for the holiday season, these door eye stickers are in my list of holiday gift ideas.

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