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DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer
DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer - Gray
The simple design of DrawerStore™ Cutlery Organiser is a revolutionary way to store your cutlery. Each compartment has a handy cutlery icon to help you remember what cutlery to store where and has plenty of space to insert your cutlery either handle first or...
  • Gray
Wooden Digital Alarm Clock Wooden Digital Alarm Clock
Wooden Digital Alarm Clock - Black
This wooden alarm clock is the perfect addition to your bedroom. With its stylish design, this clock is a great decorative piece that enhances the ambiance of your room. This alarm clock offers three alarm settings to ensure you and your loved ones wake...
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Cell Phone Stand Cell Phone Stand
Cell Phone Stand - Silver
A must-have accessory for your smartphone, the wide compatibility Cell Phone Stand. This sleek and stylish stand is designed to hold all 4-8 inch smartphones. With its wide compatibility, this stand is a versatile choice for any smartphone user. Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy,...
  • Silver
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Animi Causa Blog

Dining In with a Cooking Guide Apron

That goes for men, too. As a bachelor, I have my share of experiences that can prove sometimes, cooking dinner for your date gains you more points than taking her to a fancy restaurant.  In fact, it is also a great gift ideafor occasions like anniversary, Valentine’s day, or even just ordinary days
I’m man enough to admit I’m no Jaime Oliver or Anthony Bourdain. But with a little help from my Cooking Guide Apron, I can deliver a mean pesto pasta, grilled steak, or a roasted vegetable salad like a pro. I can even whip it while sipping red wine or making interesting conversation with my girl, as the Cooking Guide Apron is printed with essential cooking information so that when in doubt, I won’t need to consult a cookbook, the Internet or my mom.

The information is ingeniously printed upside down, so anyone wearing it would just need to lift the apron towards them to read the necessary data.
The 14point font is printed on natural unbleached cotton, making it an easy read for accommodating sufficient cooking info, such as:
- Conversion tables
- Steak finger guide
- Freezing and defrosting rules
- Cooking time for meat, poultry, vegetables and other common
cooking ingredients, via different methods such as boiling, roasting,
microwaving, and steaming
- Spaghetti serving size diagram
- Glossary for cooking terms

kitchen accessories cooking guide apron zoom

kitchen accessories cooking guide apron closer look

The Cooking Guide Apron is 40 inches long and 34 inches wide, with apron ties that reach up to 38 inches. One size fits all and equipped with handy pockets, all my girls have commented how cute it looks on me – it’s either they’re saying the truth, or they’re just appreciative of the delicious meal I’ve served up for them.
Maybe it’s both. Well, maybe that’s the single cooking question that my apron won’t be able to answer accurately.

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