Cute Office Gifts That Help Me Work Smart

A cute hippo is the best assistant for an executive assistant like me. This adorable thing has kept her position on top of my office desk ever since someone gave her to me along with other office gifts. Before you ask, pets are not allowed in our building. But Bianca my hippo is very much welcome here.  

My work is a pressure cooker of tasks and to-do’s. As an executive assistant, I have to deal with multiple reminders about a variety of matters, and face a boatload of paperwork every day. Sometimes, on terribly hectic days, there are tasks that escape my mind, which I remember only just when I’m almost out of the office door. To solve this, I’ve invested in numerous gadgets and electronic devices for helping me organize. But in my years in this position, I have learned that when it comes to making lists and taking note of reminders, the simpler the better. Even friends and relatives with different occupations such as teachers, artists, 
businesswomen, students, etc. agree. When it comes to reminders, nothing beats the effectiveness and efficiency of a written-down reminder that’s right in your face. 
And when the long list of deadlines, tasks and workload I have to face each day is presented to me by someone so cute, the pressure seems non-existent! Fun and quirky office gifts like my memo note holder never fails to elicit a smile from me – providing inspiration before I hunker down to work. This memo holder is shaped like a small black plastic hippo. She has a slot on her back for keeping a stack of blank memo papers. For the most urgent reminders, I just write it down on a memo paper, then insert the paper between her golden teeth. With her firm paper holder mouth, she will proudly display my note, smiling happily for the service!

Up to 240 sheets of paper can be kept inside her memo holder, while her mouth has such a firm grip that it also works well for keeping pencils and pens from rolling off the table. At her dimensions of H15.5 x W4 x D11cm, this unique office accessory is sure to keep clutter off the table. I’m very glad to have Bianca as my best office buddy. I’m willing to bet that you won’t be able to find someone so efficient, loyal and too cute in any job market out there. Now every time we accomplish a task, the only thing missing is a happy bark! Definitely, Bianca is my favorite among all the office gifts I have ever received.

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