Create a Theatrical Effect on Your Bookshelf with the Falling Bookend

The Falling Bookend is a brilliant work of art that angles your books in a striking way. It creates a theatrical situation on your bookshelf that will encourage conversations. If you want people to read your books and discuss ideas with them later, you should probably grab one right away.  One good way to invoke discussions is to create an interesting situation on your shelf and you can easily resolve this with this bookend.

As a long time librarian and an active member of several book clubs, I am particularly interested in the type of books and how they are arranged. I have visited innumerable libraries and homes with typical shelves.  In my opinion, their prototype bookshelves often show no art and creativity. They look like an average and uninteresting book ledge. The Falling Bookend does the opposite; its dramatic effect produces a vivid situation that stimulates start up conversation and intellectual  interaction.

The Falling Bookend is metal equipment designed to create a dramatic scenario in anybody’s bookshelf. The framework is fashionably unique intended to invite anyone to pick up a book and read it.  Crafted for hardback books, this bookend can support a number of heavy books.

Its height is 18.5, width 12.5 and depth 11.5 cm.

This bookend is an exceptionally decorative item that looks best when behind a number of hard bound books. Put some drama on your bookshelf and do away with the traditional bookends. Have some interesting design and invite people to read your favorite books. Every book tells a story that deserves to be read. However, people are tired of the usual. The ordinary will catch less or no attention at all. If you have a number of interesting books you want to share to others, 
start with the Falling Bookend!

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