Clean Cooking with a Pot Lid Stand

The kitchen sink is one of the hotbeds for bacteria but not all people know of this fact. That is why you won’t usually mind placing the ladle, spoon or pot lid on top of the sink while you do your cooking. Although heat kills most bacteria, there are toxins that may have ensued because of bacterial growth. Surely you wouldn’t want to put a hot plate of toxins at the table so to reduce such possibility, so use a pot lid stand.

A pot lid stand is designed to hold the pot lid, spoon and ladle while you are cooking. Apart from keeping your cooking ware clean, it also allows you to do other things while waiting for your dish to simmer without worrying about bacteria getting on your cooking. It is relatively short so it can only accommodate one lid and two ladles at a time but if you intend to cook several dishes in one meal, you can glue the several stands together to create a train for all your casserole dish lids and other lids that have knobs or handles at their center.

The idea behind this kitchen accessory is to free the cook’s both hands while adding and/or ingredients, serving and preparing the table. To encourage multi-tasking is the core of this lid stand. It also helps minimize the need for scrubbing a counter top clean because of grease, burn marks and other mess that a direct lid contact would make. Reports of reduced burnt individuals have also been recorded when using pot lid stands!!

The pot lid stand is made of PP, a material commonly used in the production of plastic chairs. It is exceptionally resistant to moisture, acid, bases, solvents and water thus making it a perfect compound for use in the kitchen. Kitchen accessories made of PP are known for their flexibility in design and sturdiness.

Pot lid stands are not only used indoor. With their portability, you can bring them with you when you go camping or use them in a backyard barbeque party. Whenever there is cooking involved, you can definitely use these stands. Despite their H7cm/W6cm/D16cm dimension, they are sturdy and can carry and lids, ladles and spoons.

Stack up on these unique and healthy kitchen accessories. They come in the vibrant hues of green and pink. Once you start using them, you will keep on wondering how you did without them. Spread healthy cooking to your friends too. Gift wrap a pot lid stand set in the next housewarming party you attend.

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