Classic Kitchen Problem Gets Modern Solution: The Lid Sid

Steam off your casserole before it’s too late by having the Lid Sid on your pots and pans. The Lid Sid is an important addition to your kitchen because it keeps you from having to scrub off the grease due to the spilling of the liquids from your cooking. So if you love cooking but hate the scrubbing part, the Lid Sid is your savior. The funny thing about this piece of art is that it looks so much like a little man who is either so tired of saving your kitchen that he’s gone limp or a man who’s in a sauna trying to let off steam. You can have it with its head outside the pot or you can have it showing you its behind.

If you buy it, it comes in a pack of two: one is red and the other one is white. If you’re too conscious about the design, then you must know that there are no other safer colors than these two. The Lid Sid stays in place even in the hottest of temperatures and it is so durable that it won’t leave behind any stains or melt and mix with your food. The creativity of the designer plus the strength of the material makes it a kitchen must-have.

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