Holiday gift Guide - Our Selection

1. Geppeto’s Pencil sharpener - Geppeto knows how to design a pencil sharpener that is cute and has real character. $14.99 free shipping
2. Key Petite - Superstrong and stylish, Connect her to any metal surface and let her hold your keys! $14.85 free shipping
3. Boris - Cell mate - Boris will carry your mobile phone while it charges, keeping the charger cable neat and tidy on your table top. $15.99 free shipping
4. Forest Tissue box Cover - A beautiful and stylish Tissue box Cover made of cork with screen printing. $17.99 free shipping
5. Lasso Bottle Holder - Wine bottle holder, made of rope,magically holds the bottle in thin air. $31.99 free shipping
6. Razor Bottle Opener - Stylish bottle opener in the shape of a razor blade, made of stainless steel with a quality finish. $16.99 free shipping
7. Beetle car kit - Build your own Wooden beetle car. constructing the 3D  Wooden puzzle is easy with clearly large pieces that fit together without tools or glue. $29.99 free shipping
8. Video Notebook - Retro notebooks to record your thoughts, travel notes, recipes etc. $20.99 free shipping
9. Smart Apron - A smart new apron to facilitate kitchen work and maintain elegant appearance. $34.99 free shipping

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