Cake Divider: Events Becomes Pieces of Cakes

I am an event planner and being one means that I must have all the tools needed to create the perfect celebration. Of all the tools that I have, the Cake Divider proves to be the most useful. What’s a party if there isn’t any cake, anyway?

I got the Cake Divider because I fell in love with it the moment I used it. I was pretty confident that others would feel the same way too and I was not mistaken. Every time I gave it out as a thank you to all my clients, I can see genuine appreciation and happiness on their faces. The next thing that they want to know is how does this unique gift work?

The Cake Divider works with a bit of math. First, you would have to find the center of your cake and plant the divider there. Next, you will just need to count your guests and use the rotating bars to divide the cake evenly among. If you have a lot of guests then you will need to bake more cakes.

This modern design gift comes in two colors: pink and green so I can fit it to the occasion and the person I’m giving it to. With the Cake Divider around, I have perks to give to clients and I get a lot of new events in return.


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