Accessorizing Your Work Desk with Computer Jewelry

As a graphic designer, my boyfriend works long hours in front of the computer creating images for clients. While he is generally rich with ideas for his pieces, there are times when he runs out of them. Finding inspiration is of course crucial to anyone working in this industry. So every time I buy him gifts, I look for ones that are sure to spark wildfires of ideas in his mind. Fortunately, I found a wellspring of idea-igniters in computer jewelry.

I stumbled upon computer jewelry while websurfing for office gifts or boyfriend gifts. I was searching for unique ones online and one link sent me to, an online shop selling creatively designed products. Among the many products on this website, computer jewelry caught my eyes.  I thought that it was exactly what my boyfriend will appreciate as a gift.

I was completely taken in by the novelty of these office gifts.  They are metal decorations that stick easily onto the top of computer screens. 
Designed as accessories for computers, they are made to make a boring work/computer desk or workplace conducive to creative thinking, which was exactly what my boyfriend needs.  As an artist, he needs something that will help him generate more creative juices and these computer jewelry items are definitely a great thing that can help him make his work or office desk more pleasurable to work on. offers several computer jewelry designs to choose from, such as the Train Clock, Drill Man, Bucket, flowerpot, Smokestacks designs. My boyfriend was ecstatic when I gave him the Train Clock computer jewelry, which he later attached it to the side of his computer. Not only does it help him deal with mental block or help him regain his train of thought and generate new ideas for his projects, it also keeps reminding him that time is gold. It indeed helps him enhance his 
productivity at work. It may be because of the design or because it’s me who gave it, or maybe both.

Apart from the ingenuity of the design, the computer jewelry items are also durably made. The items have gone through several accidents since but none of them have suffered chips or breaks.

The computer jewelry items I bought are indeed some of the finest boyfriend gifts I found. They echo the steampunk subculture of which I and my boyfriend are both fond of. With such qualities as durability, exceptional design, and competitive prices, they are worth not only looks but also a purchase.

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