A Dash of Quirkiness in Your Home With Artsy Home Essentials

Throughout centuries, art has provided us with visual artefacts that display an artist’s technical and imaginative skills. It is human creative achievement celebrated for its aesthetics and emotional contribution to our culture and individual lives.

These works of art can contribute to your home or office’s aesthetics and ambiance as well through these beautiful and useful items. This gorgeous head concrete pen cup for example, is a high quality piece of art that you can put on your desktop. Made of high quality concrete, this head-shaped sculpture is perfect for holding items like pens and scissors. It can also simply serve as a decoration on your desktop.


Speaking of desktops, you can also decorate your workspace or room with this line-up vase which is handmade from high quality coloured glass. It is a great flower holder, but it can be simply placed as a sculpture on your desk as well.

If you are shopping more for functional stuff at home, you can also rely on items that are both artistic and functional. For your dining table, these Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet placemats add culture and class. At the same time, they are both practical items to use as they are easy to clean and also come with heat resistant laminated pictures. If you want more high art in your kitchen, this elegant Mondi tray is for you. It is practical to use and, more importantly, it features design by one of the 20th century’s greatest artist Piet Mondrian.

On the other hand, if you like more quirky and contemporary style of art, this pop art dish drainer mat is an awesome choice for you. It features a unique design large enough to hold bigger kitchen items like pans and pots. Speaking of pop art, you will also like this Tomato Soup giant soup mug. It is made of ceramic with an interesting pop culture reference for design. Finally, you will want to check out this Pegzini family laundry pegs. They are the cutest and most daring pegs you will ever find. They are perfect for your clothes line and, as all these items mentioned, make memorable and beautiful gifts for your loved ones.

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