Zipmark: Keeping Your Book’s Pages Locked

Tired of the paper bookmarks that get lost every time you need them? Stop buying new bookmarks, instead choose the Zipmark. The Zipmark is an innovative reading help that locks the page where you left off. Since it is very unique, it is hard to miss and even lose.

This unique page marker makes one of the most unique gifts for students, scholars and avid book readers. There are three available colors (red, blue and green) so you can choose which one best appeal to the receiver. But if you are undecided, you can giftwrap all three. Anyway, each Zipmark costs below $10 so it won’t be too hard on your budget.


The lack of graphics and other designs make this bookmark a safe gift to give to both sexes. I gave both my male and female friends the Zipmark and they all adored it. They were so excited that they ended up using the bookmark the moment they unwrapped it! It has been weeks since I gave it to them but until now, they still have it. This is quite unexpected since traditional paper bookmarks only last for a few days before they are either torn or forgotten.

Establish a new study and reading habit with the Zipmark! It’s yours to share and others to enjoy.

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