Unique Office Gifts: Yes to the No-Sign Holder

When it comes to decorative desk accessories, I think that there is only a thin line between funny and tacky. But tacky can be funny, and funny can be a lot of things. So in my book there are really no absolute rules when picking out items for my office desk, except that I must like it, even for no apparent reason. After all, I’ll be facing these items the whole day everyday! A little humor helps a lot for a long workday ahead, so it’s nice to look at something once in a while that can lift your spirits high. Of course, the framed photo of my baby lights my face up with a smile, while the funny note from my girlfriend makes me grin. But, there are things that elicit an actual little laugh that can actually take the fog out of a cloudy work day. Take for example the No-Sign holder. It’s one of the most unique gifts I’ve ever received that is not only interesting but functional also. 

The No-Sign holder is a rectangle-shaped stand measuring at H20.4 x W14cm made of elastic and printed tin. It shows the universal NO sign in big, bold letters set on a white background. Below the sign is a red bold circle with a red slashed line across it. As with all No signs, the object in question is drawn / pictured / illustrated inside the circle so that the slash overlaps the image. But if you think that this accessory is just a simple sign, I would not bill it under the unique gifts category. 
There a little twist to the sign: the slash is actually made of a firm-grip elastic garter. This garter is the actual holder, where I get to sling various objects either for actual use, or just for kicks.

For instance, when I’m really busy, I hang there pens for easy reach, money/paper bills for urgent dispersal, letters for replying, and mobile phones for no-hands checking as the screen faces me directly. To remind myself to take breaks as I can work non-stop, I suspend candy, a sachet of tea, crackers, chocolate bars, and many other “forbidden things.” Needless to say, the item looks most iconic when I hang in there my box of cigarettes. It becomes a puzzle for me and anyone who sees: it can be an actual “No Smoking” reminder that urges me to quit, but since the box is within easy and convenient reach, it may just be a simple smokes holder. Well, that’s another thing about unique gifts suck as this No-Sign holder: sometimes, all you can do is shake your head and chuckle.

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