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Spaghetti Monster - Colander Spaghetti Monster - Colander
Spaghetti Monster - Colander - Yellow
Spaghetti Straining Master- Meet the not-so-scary Spaghetti Monster! Don't be fooled by his googly eyes, he's a straining master. With this noodly wonder by your side, draining pasta and rinsing veggies has never been easier. This cute kitchen gadget is made with high-quality materials...
From $32.99
From $32.99
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Pink
Agatha Spoon holder & steam releaser Agatha Spoon holder & steam releaser
Agatha Spoon holder & steam releaser - Purple
Magically transform your kitchen with this Bewitching Spoon Rest! This heat-resistant, food-grade silicone holder will make meal prep and cooking a breeze. The cute little witch is perfect for holding utensils while you stir your cauldron or serve up a meal. It's a unique...
From $29.99
From $29.99
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Pink
Crab Tea Infuser Crab Tea Infuser
Crab Tea Infuser
Introducing the Claw-some Tea Infuser - the ultimate tea steeper for all tea lovers out there! This crab-shaped tea holder is not your ordinary infuser; it's the most 'brew-tea-ful' infuser you'll ever see! Don't let Crab's crabby exterior fool you - this tea infuser...
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Under the Sea

 Take this Jonah Toothpick Dispenser as an example. Who says you can’t make toothpick look interesting? The same is true for this Humphrey Egg Slicer. This eggcellent-looking kitchen item makes slicing hard boiled egg more accurate and interesting at the same time.

Humphrey GIF

Indeed, these under the sea items not only add character to your kitchen. They make cooking so much easier and pleasurable as well. This Yolkfish Egg Separator makes baking so much easier by helping you separate the egg yolk from the egg white.
Speaking of eggs and baking, you can also try this Finn – Pastry and Basting Brush made of wood and silicone. This fish-shaped brush is very easy to use plus it can serve as additional design as a hanging décor in your kitchen.



When it comes to cooking, this Plankton Pot Strainer is a fun and creative design that is as equally functional and useful. It helps you strain boiling water from the pot so much easier. You can also use this Sinkfin – Drain Strainer to keep debris from clogging your drain.



Or, if you love soups, this Nessie and Mama – Ladle and Colander will help you dive in to that warm goodness in no time. While you’re at it, this Moby Lid – Silicone Lid will keep your food warm and fresh as well. These items are food safe so you can rest assured that it is healthy for your family.




Speaking of Nessie, this Baby Nessie Tea Infuser is another must-have! Resistant to boiling water, this item will absolutely make your tea-time much more fun and exciting. In addition, if you like adding lemon to your tea, this Octo-Citrus Reamer is the perfect tool for it.



There are under the sea items that you can use in the office as well. This Submark – Submarine Bookmark, for example, marks the right page so you can dive back into it the next day or so. These Sardine Paper Clips also keep your documents organized in the most unique and appealing kind of way.



Indeed, you can invite the beauty of what’s beneath the sea into your home with these wonderful items!

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