Turnkey Pencil Sharpener: New Style, Same Function

Sharpening your pencil is a very boring task because all you have to do is turn Sharpening your pencil is a very boring task because all you have to do is turn the pencil in one direction. So add a bit of life to this otherwise repetitive task by using a Turnkey Pencil Sharpener. This sharpener is a mix of the old and the new as it is made of bright colored red and clean sharp silver but the concept is so retro. Remember that turnkeys were popular during the 80s when the present-day door knobs were not yet developed. So having something that reminds you of the past in this modern world is indeed attention grabbing.

The Turnkey Pencil Sharpener would appeal to everyone. Its turnkey design makes it easier for children to grasp them right. Its appearance would make it a great art accessory for artists and aspiring artists too. As for the young at heart, just looking at this unique sharpener is enough to bring memories from the past. And of course, the Turnkey Pencil Sharpener is, after all, a sharpener so it should do its purpose well. Its sharp blade can sharpen pencils of just the right size. Since this is a single sharpener, you can only use the regular sized pencils. It works with colored pencils too.

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