Things You Can Store in Your Boox Store

If you are already annoyed seeing little things like pencils, ball pens, or accessories scattered everywhere in the house, then the Boox Store storage box is just right for you. This storage box, which looks like a pile of books, is where you can store or keep your things in place, thus leaving your home clutter-free.

Boox Store is a box made up of cardboard, and is just about the same size of your books. Thus, when placed in your bookshelf, along with your other books, it may be hard to distinguish that it is not a set of books when not looked at closely.  Here are just some of the things that you can store inside this storage box:

Fashion, cell phone or computer accessories

Accessories are just some of the thing that you can store inside this box. Fashion accessories such as bracelets, scarves or hairclips are just some of the things that you don’t want to see scattered just everywhere as they are usually tiny and can be 
difficult to find when you lose them. The best unique and stylish way to store them is to put in a box like this. Similarly, cell phone accessories and computer accessories are also among those things that are not pleasing to the eye when just scattered everywhere. Of course, you don’t want seeing the messy wires of your webs cam or mouse around the house. To care for these items, storing them in a box like Boox Store would keep these items safe from pets or generally from being damaged.


Valuable Items Like Documents

You can also hide valuable items or documents in there. Since the box looks like a pile of books, putting the box in a shelf, along with other books, is one great way to keep valuable items, such as contracts, certificates and many more safe.

Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic items such as lipstick, face powder , blush on, or make up brushes are also some of the things that you can put inside this storage box. Because brushes and lipsticks are small items and are difficult to find when you lose them, a storage 
box like Boox Store can keep these little things in one place. You may also store perfume bottles but make sure that the your tightly close the bottles to avoid spilling of liquids that may damage the box.  

Since cosmetic items like make up and lipstick are used on the skin, you have to make sure that they don’t get exposed to dirt to protect your skin from dirt. This can be done, of course, by storing these skin care items in the box.

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