The Yellow Tea Sub and The Golden Tea

Tea drinking aficionados may hold countless debates on how to make the perfect tea. But all conflicts can stop with the use of a submarine. That’s right – a yellow little submarine that you can fill with tea leaves and submerge in your cup of hot water, infusing it with fresh, aromatic tea flavor.

Called the Tea Sub, I immediately took a liking to it when I saw its sunny yellow color – even as it appears on the screen, I can already see it brightening up my mornings just by its cheerful hue.

Its iconic submarine shape triggers me to hum a well-loved Fab Four tune during tea time. In fact, I ordered another one to give as a unique gift to a Beatles-loving fan. Previously a coffee addict, he has then happily switched to drinking tea in the afternoons just to bask in the atmosphere of the “Yellow Submarine.”

I also personally witnessed with my little nephews how the item is also a very effective tool for encouraging children to drink tea, discussing with the sea stories or ocean animals as they sip their mild brews mixed with milk.

With its size of H12 x W4 x D7cm, the Tea Sub compartment holds just the right amount of dried tea leaves to make sure you enjoy the perfect brew as you like it. Made up of silicone, the submarine sinks to the bottom of the cup until the right strength is extracted. After the appropriate time has passed, I can then easily remove the Tea Sub by lifting it through the attached small metal link. The Tea Sub is safe 
to use and easy to wash both in the sink and in the dishwasher.

When it comes to drinking tea, style and humor make Tea Sub an essential to partner in afternoon tea parties and tea get-togethers.


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