The Eco Deer: Love for your Man and Nature

Finding gifts for my boyfriend has always been a fun treat and a challenge. He’s got very quirky ideas for as gifts for him. On our anniversary last month, he suggested I should get him a stuffed deer head that he can hang on the wall fronting his office door. He said it’s so anyone entering his office would know how macho he is. He was, of course, laughing and giving me a wink while he said this. He knew I was bound to twist his gift suggestions my way. Oh no, I would never get him a real stuffed deer head. I can’t bear carrying any around knowing it used to be attached to a body. So I went online to look for my kind of boyfriend gift that has green design—my way of saying, ‘I’d rather have the color green than the color red on my hands.’

In just a few clicks, I found the Eco Deer, a laser-cut cardboard deer head that deserves a space on any man’s wall, especially my boyfriend’s. It is made from recycled durable cardboard material that is laser-cut to precise puzzle-pieces. It was just the perfect boyfriend gift I could find that would satisfy us both.

We had a grand time with it when it arrived. Putting it together was pretty easy because of the detailed manual. To make it a challenge for us, we decided to play a game of puzzle piece hunting. I hid the pieces around the apartment for my boyfriend to find. He managed to sniff several pieces easily, but had a hard time finding the horns and the nose which I hid in the laundry baskets. So for another day since its arrival, the Eco Deer stayed hornless and noseless on one wall of our living room. But it was a charm looking at it popping out of the wall. My boyfriend found the missing pieces just in time for our anniversary dinner, and he put them together with the main piece with much ceremony—giving me a kiss per piece he put in.

Since then, the Eco Deer has become a conversation piece among our friends. Visiting friends would remark how strange and funny it was to find a cardboard deer head hanging on our wall. But we all agree that it has good green design. 
Now, my friends keep wondering what kind of unique boyfriend gifts I’m bound to find my boyfriend next. I tell them, perhaps another Eco Deer.

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