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DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer
DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer - Gray
The simple design of DrawerStore™ Cutlery Organiser is a revolutionary way to store your cutlery. Each compartment has a handy cutlery icon to help you remember what cutlery to store where and has plenty of space to insert your cutlery either handle first or...
  • Gray
Egguins Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder Egguins Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder
Egguins Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder - Black
Boil, serve and store eggs in the coolest way! This small colony of penguins will hold up to 6 eggs together in the Arctic winter of your fridge or in the hot springs of your pot. The handle will always stay cool for pulling...
  • Black
Dimple Ice-cream Scoop Dimple Ice-cream Scoop
Dimple Ice-cream Scoop - Green White Scoop
This clever ice-cream scoop has an integrated collar and can be stood upright to avoid any drips between scoops. - Stands upright between scoops - Integrated drip-catching collar - Tough zinc alloy head cuts through hard ice-cream and sorbet with ease - Textured surface...
  • Green White Scoop
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Animi Causa Blog

The Balata Trivet

Balata trivet is a decorative item used to protect counters and tables inside your home every time you put hotpots on them. Other trivets are plain in design, but this particular is a great exemption with its great and highly decorative combination of colors and warmth that truly adds life to your kitchen. With its 20 x 20 x 0.8 cm. dimensions, one simple look at it and you will know that this will suit whatever mood you are in. 

The Traditional Trivet

Traditional trivets are usually those small, three-legged metal trays placed on dining tables used to hold hot food containers. The idea is to suspend hot cookware and plates at least a distance above table and counter surfaces to allow breathing space
and air to pass through. Trivets can be made from cloth, ceramics, cement, plastic and even wood. Those old trivets that you wouldn’t want to use in your kitchen anymore can be ideally recycled for various tool room uses.

Modern Trivets

These days, trivets can make for great kitchen accessories any way you would want it. There are tea trivets with awe-inspiring designs at around six inches across. Made from strong forged metal, they are available in the market these days in varieties of shapes and designs. You can also find particular trivet designs made of cloth with “ready to absorb drips” concepts.

pot trivet

Balata Trivets and its Other Uses

Because of their deep colorful designs, Balata trivets can be your best bet for home decorations. In addition to its purely functional purposes, you can use these lively trivets to decorate and set the mood within your home, especially if you find it
favorable to hang them as wall ornaments. You can set them anywhere you want,  either in your dining room or in your kitchen walls for every special occasion.
The Balata decorative trivet and its designs are inspired from tiles coming from neighborhood original homes in Baka, Jerusalem. Truly made of wood complete with water resistant covers in the top, this can be the best wall décor idea anywhere. You can easily clean it up using damp cloths, and it will look fresh again in no time. Readily available in red, orange and brown you can get one for only $19.99. So what are you waiting for? 

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