Surprise Your Love with the Cool Pocket Penpals

Pocket penpals are excellent alternatives to the traditional gift ideas. Unlike the ordinary thin, short and easily misplaced pens, these pens have funny characters as caps and brilliantly colored thick bodies for easy handling.

The pocket penpals make great office gifts for your working professionals because they come with great quality thick ink. Pens are important tools in the office because of the presence of mountains of paperwork to sign. However, it can be quite difficult to keep one handy because they are thin and short so they easily get buried in all the reports on your partner’s desk. But if you give your guy one of these cool pens, he could just keep them in his coat all day. These pens have exceptionally long noses that are used as clips to keep them in place.

The same thing goes when your lover or husband is a doctor. Doctors always need a pen on their robe’s front pocket to write prescriptions and sign patient charts. Giving him one of these cool pens is like a breath of fresh air for him and his patients too. They add colors to the otherwise gloomy hallways of hospitals and the busy wards in the emergency room.

For high school and college sweethearts, the pocket penpals would be practical solutions to the common dilemma of lost pens during exams. These pens come in three eye-catching designs, the Red Devil, White Knight and Black John Don so it’s impossible to lose them.

The pocket penpals are also great additions to any pen collection. Their unique designs will always command anyone’s attention. In addition, you can be confident that their colors will never fade regardless of the length of time you store them inside your cabinet(s) or drawer(s). You may also choose to use them until the ink runs dry or you can just have them adorning your home or office. So the next time you need a boyfriend gift idea, don’t forget our cute little penpals.

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