Sparrow Salad Set: Best for Family Gatherings

Inviting people to come over for a meal is best when you have a sparrow salad set.  In family gatherings, the absence of a salad on the table would mean a dull meal. 
On the contrary, if you present a delicious salad with a beautiful and well designed bowl, you are sure to make the meal enticing, wholesome and fun. Having more food just simply means more family interaction.

The eco-friendly sparrow salad set, including the container box, is made from 100% recyclable material.  Perfect for every family table, its size is just 23 x 30 x 15 cm (9.05 x 11.81 x 2.32 inch). 
The text on the box is printed by Soy ink to reduce further environmental damage. 
An elegant looking table piece, the bird servers sit on the edge of the bowl to make every serving tempting. It also serves a wonderful decoration that everybody will surely talk about during the meal. The couple sparrow helps and back up each other to build their nest. They are like partners in life, working together in reaching their goals. 
Nevertheless, they can also work independently.  This table piece also comes with one bowl, a fork and spoon.

This will definitely impress the whole family. Its design exceeds the ordinary table decoration. 
The most interesting thing about it is the couple sparrow. Its strong bond somewhat invites the whole family to work out things symbiotically. In addition, the appearance of this salad bowl is Zen-like. It’s serene, simple and smart functionality invites anyone to try out what is in the nest. The table ware’s structure is one that appeals to social relationships. 
At one point it provides room for communication due to its interesting design. 
And on the other, it opens doors for family communion.

The essence of collective eating is to keep bonds between friends and families and it’s always best when you have a sparrow salad bowl on the table.

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