Pretzel Key Ring: Fun and Functional Design Masterpiece

Everybody has a favorite pretzel: plain salted, garlic with cheese dip, sugarcoated, raspberry swirled... the list goes on as many new flavors and recipes are thought up by pretzel fans each day. Buy if you would ask me my favorite, I will have to say that the kind of pretzel I love works as a key ring.

The pretzel key ring is designed by the internationally renowned design studio Ototo. 
The studio is known for their intelligent designs that seamlessly combine function and humor, irony or commentary. I love how their products go beyond making things pretty or useful or both. For some people, their products can be considered almost works of art and are unique wedding gifts, holiday gifts, or birthday gifts. 

When I first saw this special 4.5 cm x 6cm key ring given to me, it was nestled in small blue box, and I actually thought it was a piece of jewelry. With its muted gold body and smooth contours that perfectly imitates the shape of the traditional pretzel, it really is like a small precious trinket. An additional small loop is included in the twisted design, wherein you can hang your most important keys. There is a cleverly concealed opening in one of its rings that is built for fastening the key ring inside your bag, belt hook, purse, or key hangers in the house.

As for me, I sometime even suspend the pretzel key ring in one of my necklaces, making it into a fun and stylish pendant. It’s my individual take into how another mode of usage can be found for such a beautifully-crafted item. Friends would comment how unique my piece is, and I would shock/impress them by saying it’s actually a key ring. In fact, I’ve been giving these pretzel key rings as unique gifts and token for various occasions – a nod to the term of origin from pretzels, which in Latin means “little reward.”

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