Learn the Story of Noah’s Ark with a One-of-a-kind Play set

I am always inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark in the Bible. I want my nephew and my niece to learn this but they easily get bored in reading the Bible. So I decided to give them a play set that would teach them the story while having fun. It’s a unique gift and I am glad they like it.

I am delighted every time I see the kids enjoy their playtime with my present. It’s a set of 12 figures including the animals that were brought inside the ark. I have no difficulty keeping their interest in the story of Noah’s Ark because they enjoy 
looking at the colorful pictures.  It amazes them each time I tell them that those were the animals that stayed inside the ark for 40 days and nights while doing some reenactment of the story.

What I like most about the play set is that it is not harmful to the kids because it is 100% recyclable. The whole set is made of 60% recycled paper so it is good for the environment, good for the health. It indeed supports the concept of green 
design because aside from its materials that are environmentally friendly, it acknowledges the wonders and the beauty of nature with the representation of the animals, not to mention the remarkable efforts of Noah and his family in building the ark.
As a teacher, I appreciate this play set because it is a creative way to teach little kids and maintain their focus while learning. It is a one-of-a-kind instructional material. 
I do not worry, though it is common for kids to be careless of their toys, because each piece is made of durable cardboard. The whole set is lightweight, too, just enough for the kids’ lean muscles.

 My sister is also very glad that I bought her kids this wonderful play set. She feels at ease every time her twins get the set and start assembling it. She knows that while the two are very busy building their Noah’s Ark, she could do her other chores instead of watching and following her kids around the house. But for me, this toy does not only keep the twins properly behaved at home or keeps them entertained but also makes them appreciate the wonderful bible story.

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