Key Pete: The Perfect Man of the House

I have a history of losing my keys. So when Key Pete came around, it’s as if my life has changed forever. Key Pete been the most protective and effective guardian of my numerous keys, and I haven’t lost a single minute again just searching for a lost one.

But no, Key Pete isn’t a boyfriend; he isn’t my new handyman either. In fact, he’s not even a live man. But he’s such a real man in every sense of the world, with the way he’s so capable, reliable and really built up strong to hold precious metals several times his body weight. Nothing made of metal can escape him. After all, he’s made of high-grade magnet.

Key Pete is a magnetic keyholder designed ergonomically to hold on a metal surface, while carrying other metal stuff, such as keys, paperclips, pins, and such. He’s the perfect little guy for your little metal knickknacks. My bunch of keys, all 15 of them, easily adheres to him, holding on fast without Key Pete losing his magnetic grip on my refrigerator door.

This smart solution is such a huge help for me, as I have a crafts and sewing business I do at home. From then on, I have not lost even one single key to my doors, numerous drawers, bags, garment chests, trinket cabinets, and the duplicate keys to my car. It’s such a far cry from the old days, when I would lose hours just searching for keys, running perpetually late and always disorganized. 


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