Keeping Your Tables Looking Good As New with the Flexible Trivet

Cracks and stains on tabletops result from the lack of trivets. A trivet is an object that is placed underneath a bowl, or any kitchen ware that contains hot food in order to prevent its direct contact with your table surface. In the past, it was made of iron but there were two problems from such design: iron is a heat conductor and it is heavy. That’s why home makers continued to create new revisions until they came up with the flexible trivet that is made of a combination of silicone and metal.

The silicone flexible trivet is better than the iron made trivet mainly because it is heat-resistant and conforms to the size of your tableware. So there isn’t any remodeling of the design, rather it adjusts to the shape and weight of whatever you put on it. It doesn’t matter whether you serve a meal from a pot or if you just present them in a smaller serving dish because as long as you have the silicone trivet to carry it, you are assured that your table remains unscathed and your dish or pot safe from any accidents.

Further, the metal in the design of this flexible trivet serves as a support to the silicone framing in order to ensure durability. Because of its material, it can also be bent on like rubber to fit the different sizes of serving dishes and pots. Moreover, the combination of silicone and metal eliminates the possibility of rusts, faded colors and tears.

To balance your tableware on a pair of flexible trivets, you simply put the trivets at the appropriate distance. The great thing about these trivets is that they are not attached to each other therefore, their applicability becomes limitless. And since each trivet measures approximately H1.5cm/W1.5cm/D24cm, you can bring it anywhere you want and anytime. 
That’s why serving a hot dish while on a picnic or at the beach has never become such a welcomed possibility.

The flexible trivet comes in a set of two and colors are pink or green. It does not use up too much counter space and it can be stored in drawers when not in use. This trivet is one of the hottest kitchen and tabletop accessories today. If your friends don’t know of these yet, give them a pair the next time they come to visit. You don’t need an occasion to give out these practical and unique design gifts.

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