In Treatment: A Unique Design Gift For All Occasions

I cannot live without my tissue box. I always make sure that I have a box or two at work, in the bedroom, bathroom and even in the kitchen. Because I often suffer from allergies and sinusitis and because a hanky is not just enough for me, I always make sure that I wouldn’t run out of this thing. Not only for blowing my nose, I always make sure that I have supply of tissue for my face or for cleaning my computer keyboard at work before I start working.

Ironically, while my tissue box is an essential part of my life, I always hide it in my drawers or cabinets. For example, at the office, I always put it inside my drawer instead of putting it on my table because it only adds clutter on my table. I just can’t 
work with so much mess on it. Thus, when I start feeling the symptoms of my allergies or sinusitis, I cannot just easily grab a piece as I still have to open my drawer or cabinet to get the box…until my officemate gave me a very special and unique 
gift on my birthday, the In-Treatment.

In-Treatment, a stylish cover for a tissue paper box of a standard size, is truly a gift designed for me. Aptly named, the product shows in silhouettes a scene with the therapist and the patient during a psychological treatment. Because it is also produced or made from aluminum, it does not add too much weight to the tissue box, thus keeping the box in shape. Now, I don’t have to hide my tissue paper box in my drawer as this unique modern design gift transforms my ordinary tissue paper box extraordinary and cool to look at!

This product can be a fun gift to gift to anyone like me who cannot just live without tissue, to a medical professional, or to just anyone with a cold. It will surely make the person feel better! This unique gift is designed for any occasion, whether for a birthday, anniversary or even just for ordinary days. In-treatment is just the perfect gift to give to show that you care.

I thought of dressing up my tissue paper box at home as well, so I bought a piece for me and another piece to give my mom who also suffers from the same condition. She definitely liked it! To her, it is not only cute and unique but it is also a kind of gift that shows that I care.

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