How Silicone Bottle Screws Make Bottle Recycling So Much Easier

There are enough glass bottles thrown out to fill a skyscraper every month. But because it takes 4000 years before these wastes are fully decomposed, just throwing these wastes away can cause problems in the future, and to avoid this, people can just reuse or recycle them instead of throwing them away.

Recycling glass can be done in two ways: have them reprocessed or keep them as they are. If reprocessed, you would need to remove caps and lids so as not to damage the funnel. But if you want to keep them as they are, there is a more creative way to have them displayed around your house. Take off the caps and replace them with sturdy and colorful bottle screws that would never rust. 

Why Use Bottle Screws?

The usual material used in the creation of bottle caps is metal. Unfortunately, metal gets rusty as it ages, thereby contaminating the liquid stored inside and ruining the outside beauty of the glass bottle. So getting rid of the cap is the first step to preserving the bottle. Silicone bottle screws are the perfect solution to this dilemma. They do not rust and they do not affect the taste of the liquor inside. And both these facts make them great kitchen accessories to have in any home or a perfect gift for home decorators.

These bottle screws add character to the otherwise plain-looking clear bottles. If you want to use such bottles as water containers, take the caps off, rinse the bottles to get rid of smell and bacteria. Then dry them out before filling them with water. You can also use them to store your collections of shell , beads and colored sands.

These screws are also designed to fit any bottle and usually come in a set of two. They are twisted as real screws, thereby sealing the bottles and preventing liquor from spilling over.
With the silicone bottle screws , you get to keep your best wines fresh, as well as your drinking water clean while improving the look of your home all at the same time. 

Cleaning these screws is extremely easy, too. Anything made of silicone will only need to be soaked in hot water to rid of dust or other minute particles that may have stuck to it due to prolonged use. But don’t worry because no matter how many times you clean these screws, the color will never fade.

What is probably the best thing that these ingenious little inventions can offer is that they encourage people to keep e glass bottles instead of throwing them away that may cause potential health hazards to the environment and humans in the future. With these items, saving the environment indeed does not have to be too boring as there are various fun approaches to it.

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